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Lou Rebecca

I'm not sure what you can improve other than keep doing what you are doing. I was contacted quickly regarding my service request. After a call with the Nic the technician and prompt follow up with an estimate I felt good about my choice. Nic showed up on schedule. This guy is on his game, he is experienced and knows how to communicate that experience all the while making you feel comfortable. The work done was excellent and fast and the cost was below the estimate. BRAVO live Wire I intend to spread the word about this service

Stephanie Windsor

"He was there even before the scheduled time, took the time to inform me about features I was not aware of and tho, young as a **** rather professional and quite good at the job" 

Amber Backes

"I used this company to install wireless access points, a Nest cam, and Nest protect smoke and CO2 detectors. Nic was very knowledgeable and explained how things worked. It seems like they have a wide variety of services they can provide/things they can set up. They scheduled me within a week of my request and completed the work quickly. I would recommend. "

Dwight Reid

 "I am thoroughly impressed with work & professionalism of this company. My Technician Nick was extremely knowledgeable as well as friendly. My Television & Soundbar wires are hidden perfectly! I'll definitely recommend as well as use this company again!" 

Lindsey Nestor

I sent my request out, and received a response back within a hour or so. Sara mentioned availability for the next few days and as I have family coming from out of town, I wanted everything fixed before their arrival... so I inquired about evening hours, that night (to confirm, 5 hours later). She informed me that it was possible with a small (reasonable) travel fee, and got me on the schedule. Nic arrived at 7pm to relocate my too-high-mounted TV, as well as relocate my floating shelf that I installed myself, under the impression I would install two, but didn't have enough room... so it all needed to be shifted down. 

This wall is a firewall, it's concrete... so it was already going to be a pain in the ass. The shelf gave him a hard time, and the TV gave him a hard time. Apparently the company who originally mounted it didn't do it properly, and used wood screws instead of concrete... also installed the mount upside down... so Nic fixed all that.

All in all, the poor man was at my house until 10pm... but had the patience of a saint, because I would've thrown everything out the window about 45 minutes in.

Thanks guys! I'd highly recommend.

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