But Why Should I Care About Smart Homes?



Yes, It may not seem like it at first. Lets take the thermostat for example; when your not home in the summer (w/o pets) does your home need to be at 65 degrees all day? 

Ease of Use

Do you forget what HDMI the cable is on, why isn't the speakers working? Don't want to relearn your setup every time you go into the room?

We can set you up with a system on a smart remote that simply says Cable, BluRay, Xbox, Etc. The TV Will Power on, Speakers will turn on, and the cable will magically fill the room in one simple click. 

Remotes we sell are fully customizable and will be designed towards your personal demands and preferences. 

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Not Home? Vacation home? No Problem!

We can design a system that not only works flawlessly when your there, but also when your away from your castle. Simply access options or controls & feedback from your palm of your hand. This means on your phone or tablet. 

So what can be Smart?

Now a days with the Internet of Things movement (IoT) anything can be intergrated into a smart home. Here is a small list.

           TV's & Sound Bars

           Home Theater Equipment

           Satellite / Cable Boxes


           Home Lighting

           Security Fixtures

           Electronic Blinds & Shades

           Distributed Audio

           Lawn Care Fixtures

So what is the Cost?

This is a very difficult question to answer flat out. It all depends on the situation, overall expectations of the project / home, In home use or if your desiring off site control or feedback. The best thing we can advise is a decent economy option will be in the $1000 range. We do offer estimates and the more details will always refine the estimated budget. 

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